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What you should know about plastic and cosmetic surgery

Everyone wants to have the best result after plastic surgery. However many do not know how to achieve that.

In my opinion, correct knowledge is the most important factor. Knowledge prevents patients from being decieved by the greedy society. Knowledge prevents patients from having unnecessary or wrong surgical treatment. Knowledge prevents patients from using services from non-qualified persons. Last but not least, knowledge help you to save your money.

On the pros, internet is available. We can now search for anything, not just in text but also pictures and video.

On the cons, so much information we see is not correct. Cosmetic field has become a major business area where people make money. While professional societies and governmental bodies are too busy and too poor to provide correct information to people, private companies and cosmetic services have little limitation on time and money. Unsurprisingly messages we find on web sites are actually provided by people with conflict of interest. Marketing also penetrates into all level of the public and can turn things around with little fact or supporting medical evidences.

At last social media platforms has revolutionized human communication method. People adopt new techniques and devices without realizing that they are not well proved to be effective. Social media as marketing tool is so effective and continous that everyone believes quickly.

Last updated - April 13, 2014