Phyathai 2 price list

Many asked for prices and had to wait too long for an answer, especially those who only want to know how much a surgery will be and do not want to communicate with Dr. Nond yet. This page is therefore created to answer commonly asked questions related to prices. Please always read carefully before asking Dr. Nond.

How pricing works

Please understand that there is no fixed and guaranteed price of a surgery. So do not expect a quotation which guarantees the cost of surgery.

Only after the patient agrees to proceed with a surgery on a certain date, he or she will be emailed with the most accurate estimate which must be paid before the surgery. The payment of this estimate is just a deposit for the surgery (with hospital stay if any). The actual cost of surgery will be known a few days after discharge. If the actual cost is less than the two deposits, you will get a refund. If the actual cost is slightly more than the deposit, you will not be asked for more payment. But if the actual cost is a lot more than the deposit, you will have to pay more but this rarely happens.

Again the deposit is not the final cost. Nobody can know the total hospital charge until before you are discharged. The actual cost is the combined result of used medicines and medical supplies, anesthesiologist’s fee, operating time, room charges and take-home medication. I, as your surgeon, will just use the best medicines/instruments and the best effort in the surgery to get the desired results without being pressured by factors such as operating time, cost of instruments/medicines or medical supplies. For your information, some other hospitals or doctors provide fixed package prices but the prices are usually overrated or there are hidden limitations in term of allowed operating time, instruments, number and quality of allowed medicines and medical supplies. If you have concern or questions, please ask. If you are not happy with this payment system, please do not proceed.

There is no hidden cost

The below table shows estimated prices of surgical procedures. They are set by Dr. Nond, not Phyathai 2 hospital. They are estimated from past experience of working at Phyathai 2 hospital. They include: -

The prices do not include: -

Dr. Nond has no control over the hospital charges.

If you plan to have additional procedure which will cost more, please prepare enough Thai Baht cash to pay before the surgery time.

Hospital charges in patients with chronic illness can be much more than expected. Doctors’ fees and hospital charges in HIV patients will also be a lot higher than usual.


Please provide us your feedback if there is anything on this page to be improved. Please ask if your procedure is not in the list. There are many other procedures a plastic surgeon can do but cannot be all listed here.

Price list of surgical procedures

When more than one procedure is to be done at the same time, price of each procedure will be less.

Green color = Surgery done under local anesthesia
Red = Surgery done under general anesthesia with one-night hospital stay or IV sedation without hospital stay

Facelift & Eyelids

Procedure Price (Baht)
Upper or lower blepharoplasty 40,000
Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty 65,000
Combined Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty 54,500
Combined Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (no hospital stay) 87,000
Correction of congenital unilateral eyelid ptosis 40,000
Correction of congenital bilateral eyelid ptosis 65,000
Resection of the frowning muscles (corrugator) [as an adjunct to the upper blepharoplasty] +10,000
Mini-facelift with Endotine ribbons (no hospital stay) 87,000
Endoscopic mini-facelift (no hospital stay) 140,000
Face and neck lift (primary, female) 200,000
Face and neck lift (primary, female) + upper blepharoplasty 230,000
Face and neck lift (primary, female) + lower blepharoplasty 240,000
Face and neck lift (primary, female) + upper and lower Blepharoplasty 255,000
Any procedure with face and neck lift in male +15,000
Forehead lift (= endoscopic brow lift) 139,000
Forehead lift with one pair of Endotine ribbons for the forehead wrinkles/medial portion of the brows (19,800 Bht) 163,500
Forehead lift with lower blepharoplasty 174,500
Cheek (midface) lift 120,000
Cheek (midface) lift with Endotine (26,000 Bht) 130,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Nose augmentation with silicone implant 40,000
Nose augmentation with silicone implant 57,000
Nose augmentation with silicone implant and tip graft (cartilage/fascia) 50,000
Nose augmentation with silicone implant and tip graft (cartilage/fascia) 72,500
Nose augmentation (revisional) with silicone implant 48,000
Nose augmentation (revisional) with silicone implant 65,000
Nose augmentation (revisional) with silicone implant and tip graft (cartilage/fascia) 58,000
Nose augmentation (revisional) with silicone implant and tip graft (cartilage/fascia) 80,000
Nose augmentation with rib graft 132,000
Nose reduction (with osteotomy) 150,000
Nose reduction (without osteotomy) 135,000
Nasal tip plasty 110,000
Reduction alarplasty 32,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Cheek augmentation with silicone implants 42,000
Cheek augmentation with silicone implants 74,000
Cheek augmentation with custom made PMMA implants (by rapid prototyping) (+ implants 4-60,000**) 104,000
Reduction malarplasty (cheek bone reduction) 140,000
Buccal fat removal 20,500


Procedure Price (Baht)
Chin augmentation with silicone implant 43,000
Chin augmentation or reduction by sliding genioplasty 115,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Mandibular reduction by angle resection 124,000
Total mandibular reduction (v-line) 184,000
Mandibular augmentation with custom made PMMA implants (by rapid prototyping) (+ implants 5-70,000**) 135,000
Mandibular setback (for prognathism) or advancement 204,000
Maxillary osteotomy (for long face, hypoplasia, etc) 204,000
Bimaxillary osteotomy 394,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Upper or lower lip reduction 27,000
Upper and lower lip reduction 45,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Forehead augmentation
- with custom made implant (rapid prototyping technique**)[+ 3-60,000 Baht for implant] OR
- with bone cement [+ 11,000 Baht for 1 bottle of 5 gm of hydroxyaptite bone cement]
Forehead contouring/feminization 120,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Neck plasty (including platysmoplasty) 37,000
Neck plasty (including platysmoplasty) 57,000
Thyroid cartilage shaving (Adam's apple reduction) 35,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Breast augmentation (inframammary) with smooth implants 125,000
Breast augmentation (inframammary) with textured implants 130,000
Breast augmentation (inframammary) with teardrop implants (will vary by the implant size) 150,000
Breast augmentation (axillary) by endoscopic technique = Non-endoscopic inframammary technique + 15,000
Breast augmentation (transareolar) = Non-endoscopic inframammary technique + 10,000
Breast reduction 165,000
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) 105,000
Breast lift (vertical and inverted T technique) 150,000
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with smooth implants 141,000
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with textured implants 146,000
Breast lift (circumareolar lift) with teardrop implants 170,000
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with smooth implants 176,000
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with textured implants 181,000
Breast lift (vertical or inverted T) with teardrop implants 205,000
Breast implant removal with capsulectomy via inframammary incisions 103,000
Breast implant removal with capsulectomy and lift 125,000
Breast implant removal with capsulectomy by endoscopic transaxillary approach 160,000
Breast implant removal by en bloc removal 150,000
Breast implant replacement with smooth implants 136,000
Breast implant replacement with textured implants 146,000
Breast implant replacement with teardrop implants 170,000
Nipple reduction 25,500
Nipple reduction 40,500
Correction of nipple inversion 45,500


Procedure Price (Baht)
Abdominoplasty 200,000
Mini-abdominoplasty with liposuction (no hospital stay) 145,500


Procedure Price (Baht)
Liposuction (up to 2 hrs) 105,500
Liposuction (up to 3 hrs) 120,500
Liposuction (up to 4 hrs) 140,500
Liposuction (thighs & buttocks) 106,000
Liposuction (abdomen) 100,500
Liposuction (arms or legs) 82,500
Liposuction (face and neck) 64,000
Liposuction (chest) + breast gland resection (gynecomastia) 120,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Lipofilling for one site 25,000
Additional site + at least 8,000
Lipofilling for one site 38,000
Additional site + at least 17,000


Procedure Price (Baht)
Otoplasty (unilateral, no hospital stay) 39,500
Otoplasty (bilateral, no hospital stay) 55,500

Lifting procedures

Procedure Price (Baht)
Arm lift (bilateral brachioplasty, longituidal incisions) (no hospital stay) 80,000
Arm lift (bilateral brachioplasty, transverse axillary incisions) (no hospital stay) 57,000
Medial thigh lift 120,000
Medial thigh lift with liposuction 166,000
Posterior lower body lift (buttock lift, posterior medial and lateral lift with liposuction) 216,000
Anterior lower body lift (anterior medial and lateral thigh lift with liposuction) 196,000

Reconstructive Surgery

Procedure Price (Baht)
Cleft lip repair (unilateral) 80,000
Cleft lip repair (bilateral) 100,000
Cleft palate repair (palatoplasty) 92,000

Extranight in the hospital

= 6,875 to 7,175 Baht depending on room type

** Implant design and cost are by engineers from Payment must be made to them.

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