Surgery price lists

Each estimated price includes surgeon's fee, anesthesiologist's fee (if needed), take-home medications, compression garment (if needed), hospital charges and one-night hospital stay (if needed) but does not include consultation fee (300-1,200 Baht) and treatment of complications.

This list is for helping Dr.Nond's patients in scheduling for surgery only, not a guarantee. It might be updated without advanced notice. If what you are looking for is not in the list, please email Dr.Nond's assistant.

Dr. Nond performs surgery only at standard hospitals. The listed hospitals are therefore more than safe and are all popular for Thai people. Bangkok is modern, so are these hospitals. By not finding much opinion about a hospital in the internet, it does not mean that hospital is not good. They just do not do much marketing and, as a result, will be cheaper.

All of the prices in the Bumrungrad price list are copied from Bumrungrad. If any of these do not match Bumrungrad quotation, please ask.

Price Lists by the Hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand

November 4, 2017 16:21HRS