Booking guidelines

Since Dr. Nond works at several hospitals, there are several conditions and requirement that must be understood for scheduling an appointment with him.



Recovery and Follow-ups

Surgery done under local anesthesia +/- IV sedation

There will be no hospital stay. The first follow-up is usually 5-8 days after the surgery. Next follow-ups are optional.

Surgery done under general anesthesia

Hospitalization is routine. At least one night. Patient will be visited in her room at about 24 hours later.

The first follow-up after leaving hospital is usually one week later. Next follow-ups are optional.

Standard follow-ups by emailing are at 1, 3, 6, and 12 month time.

Dr. Nond wishes he could see his patient for longer than 6-12 months. The longer patients come back for follow-ups, the more he likes. Final outcome can be seen and evaluated. Long-term follow-up is also the best way to feedback the surgeon's technique. Dr. Nond loves to learn from his patients. He has found significant improvement in his techniques by learning from his past patients.

*Please visit SWELLING, BRUISING, STITCH, ACTIVITY page for better understanding about recovery.


For patients who want to book, please contact Dr.Nond's assistant at

For patients who would like to have less worry about airport transportation, hotel-hospital transfer, and nursing care after surgery (no matter where surgery will be taken place), please contact the Thai Nurses group.
Thai Nurses Group - private nursing care

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